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Investment Opportunity
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Double Your Investment With Us In Just 5 Months!!

During our last two years, we have placed our hands in several growth opportunities.  Our newest endeavor is one of our biggest.  During the entire course of our cleaning business, we have spent our weekends selling new gift and tourist type items at a variety of South Florida's Flea Markets.  Our sales have always been far beyond those we would set up around and near.  We have come to a cross road where we have decided to allow our sales business to grow, and with that we are asking for help from clients and others that are willing to make a small investment that can make a high rate of return.
Here is what we propose to our lenders.  We are looking for people that are willing to invest in multiples of $100.  For every $100 you invest, you will be paid a dividend of $5.00 per week, per $100.  In the short term of 5 months, you would recieve $100 in dividend from your investment.  We also anticipate your initial investment be returned to you at the end of the 5 month period.  An investment can be $100, up to $500.  A $500 investment would return you with $25 per week, again over 5 months, your money will double!
Our needs are small to open up our gift store on Federal Highway in Delray Beach.  We are willing to pay out a high return as we know how short term the investment needs to be, and the amount of money we need to start up is too minimal to ask for a bank loan.  We wanted to try a "ceative form of gaining capitol" and maybe have a little fun with it as we go.
We currently have over $7000 in inventory, our gift line has a little something for everyone from, Wolf figures, Eagles, Dolphins, Incense and Oils, Oil Warmers, and many other items too numerous to mention. 
Our goal is to open this store up on April 1st, less than 2 weeks from now, we are looking for a little extra start up capitol to increase inventory and pay for permits and licenses needed to open our doors.
If you are interested in helping out and doubling your money in a 5 month period (better than the bank or stock market!!), email us or give us a call by clicking the contact us link above.

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